Design and Create

  Every organization needs to make a statement on the web. The best way to do this, is to hire the service of a professional Design and Development company like Design and Create. We have had the pleasure of helping many happy customers, who have enjoyed positive results with our products and services. Whether you need to manage your customers, advertise or sell your products, services or events, create and manage your blog, or simply have presence on the web. We are here to help you!

Web Design

Design and Create, Inc. helps customers to analyze and design customized websites. If your organization needs to advertise its products or services, increase sales, provide your customers with basic information about your organization or just maintain Web presence, we are here to help you!

Web Development

When having a website to advertise your organization products, increase sales or have Web presence is not enough, Design and Create is here for you! We work with our customers to enabled their Websites to do more. From customers members logins, to product or service databases, to eCommerce. We can customize a solution for your organization that will help you take advantage of top of the line technology for your business.

eAdmin Contractor Software

eAdmin Contractor Software is a contractor business management software that helps contractors in general, manage a database of customers, estimates, contracts, invoices and payments. It helps to make your job of creating, modifying and filing these necessary documents an easy task, as well as print, convert to PDF format and also email these documents to the customers. More information

eAdmin Virtual Services

Design and Create helps its customers to manage their contractor business. Every organization needs an administration contact person and through our eAdmin Virtual Services, we assist our customers to administrate their contractor business by helping them create professional estimates, contracts, invoices and sending these documents to their customers as well as keep a database of these documents and of their customers for marketing purposes. More information


ICJ (Iglesia Cristiana Josué) - App is a Mobile App developed for Iglesia Cristiana Josué of Florida, Inc. This mobile App is free to download and used by the members and guests of Iglesia Cristiana Josué of Florida. The App contains information about the ministry, service schedule, bible study, prayer petitions, live and pre-recorded messages, donations, news, events and ways to contact this ministry. More information

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"I appreciate all the assistance I got from Design and Create with my Website developmenrt.... Thank you." - Horacio Santeramo

"I needed a virtual assistant for my painting business and eAdmin Virtual Service really helped me with the creation of professional looking documents that my customer understood and replied to... eAdmin Virtual Services is helping my business grow quickly!" - Franklin Velasquez